Live your truth.

This past weekend, I watched two Dolly Parton Christmas specials. The first one was her movie, Coat of Many Colors, and the second was her singing Christmas songs for an hour. I’m generally not a crier, and do not cry easily, but each of these specials brought forth an unstoppable stream of tears that flooded my cheeks and soaked my t-shirt. Conversely, those tears seemed to have opened a new door in my journey toward self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Tuesday, afer my therapy session, wherein I shared about my weekend sob-fest, I became very curious about this iconic woman named Dolly Parton. I wanted to learn more, so I listened to a podcast wherein Brené Brown interviewed Dolly Parton, her lifetime hero.  During the interview, Dolly mentioned that women should “live their truth.”  That got me thinking, What is my truth?  Am I living it? How do I know if I’m living it?” I assumed that if I were living it, I wouldn’t have to ask that question. Right?

While composing this blog post, I googled, “what does it mean to live your truth.” The top hit read, “To live in your truth simply means to live as your most authentic self, doing things daily that bring you happiness and joy, living as true to yourself as possible.” (

Okay, then. How do you know that you’re living true to yourself?

Am I living my truth?

I asked Google, “how do you know you’re living your truth,” and this was the top hit: which is a straight-forward list of signs that you are living your own truth. While I do identify with some of the things on this list, reading through the items has shown me the areas which could use some real improvement in living my truth, full out.

I keep thinking, “I’m almost sixty.  Shouldn’t I be further along in my awakening journey.”  My therapist taught me that this “s” word is a no-no and only serves to make us feel unworthy and undeserving, as well as like a defeated failure because it focuses on our mistakes or shortcomings. Yet, that word still pops into my thoughts from time to time.

You ever feel that everything in your life is NOT what you thought it was?  Like, those around you see something in you, know something, but no one ever tells you and that if they did, it could be the golden nugget of information that opens up a whole new world for you?  Then, at times, you realize some of these things and wonder if everyone else knew all along and just never told you?  I know that’s a lot of run-on nonsensical words, but it’s hard to put this thought/feeling into words.  Okay, say you’re in the process of self-discovery, have an epiphany or revelation and are completely blown away by it.  However, those who know you best already knew that about you, all your life, and were waiting for you to see it for yourself? Like when Dorothy awakened from her dream and realized that her “over the rainbow” had existed all along, in her own backyard.  <—It still doesn’t sound the way it feels in my brain.  However, surely a few of you know precisely what I’m talking about, having experienced it yourself. 

Earlier this year, I had a free 15-minute personal critique via Zoom with Cristian Mihas, a blogging expert whom I discovered on All I wanted from this session was to hear his opinion about my blog, along with his suggestions for its improvement. He told me I was the only participant who didn’t ask how to make money from blogging. Then, he paid me the most profound and touching compliment. He told me, “You are unapologetically yourself.” Maybe, just maybe, I’m living my truth a little more than I think/feel I am?

Anyway, that’s what I’ve had on my mind. Note: I had a restful sleep last night, which I hadn’t done in a couple (maybe a few) weeks, and that enables me to think more deeply and philosophically. Evidently.

Thanks for listening (reading)!

I’d love some feedback on this personal journey/quest to living your truth.


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