What would you attempt to do…

I was at a friend’s house enjoying a cup of coffee early this afternoon and noticed there was writing on my mug. I turned it around and read:  What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? I thought it was a fascinating question. I reread it. What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? It echoed in my head as I contemplated my answer, the answer I knew I’d have immediately, if not sooner. However, my mind was, unexpectedly, a total blank. I was dumbfounded and had no idea how to answer the question because there are so many things that I’d like to accomplish and experience in this life. I have aspirations, dreams, and goals. So, why couldn’t I answer the mug’s question with one of them? I could have any of my dreams come true, just like that, and I can’t choose one? It’s just, well, none of them felt…right. Then, I questioned whether that means I don’t desire those things after all. What the…? 

It baffled me for several hours. I rehearsed the question and contemplated my answer, over and over. Surely, I thought, I can come up with one goal, one dream. Just one that I would like to be a guaranteed success. I had nothing.  Nothing? Then, it hit me.  That is my answer, “Nothing.” This puzzling question revealed that I don’t want my success to come to me effortlessly or instantaneously as if a genie grants my three wishes. Without experiencing the journey, the progressive realization of my dream, the prize loses its value. I want to earn it. While a smooth, guaranteed win would still be a win, it wouldn’t be near as satisfying as the win I’ll achieve through my blood, sweat, and tears, through overcoming obstacles, persevering in my pursuit, and risking possible failure. 

I am mind blown!


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