I should. I need. I am.

should write more, like every single day. I need to write every day. I’m just going to challenge myself to write every day for 30 days. Maybe that will get me into the habit. I did it! This blog makes 33 consecutive daily blog posts. I am writing every day.

should attempt to increase the traffic to my blog. I need to find a way to share my blog with more people. With a helpful suggestion from my magical friend, Linda, I’ve joined several Facebook groups that allow the sharing of blog posts, which have significantly increased the daily number of visitors to my site. I am getting more traffic to my blog.

should exercise during this shutdown since the “I don’t have time” excuse is sufficiently null and void. I need to exercise; I’m getting so out of shape and out of breath more easily. I am going to exercise.

should finish listening to that Audible book on figuring things out on the journey toward your dreams. I need to finish that book. I am going to finish that book.

About an hour ago, I donned my walking shoes, strapped on my iWatch, and went out the door. I gave myself a goal of 30 minutes. First, I trekked up and down our hilly driveway. That felt so good, I continued my walk around our property, to the pond, and down our street. All the while, I was listening to my Audible book through my single earbud. When I made it back to the house, I had walked 1.54 miles and brought two passengers with me — ticks! Ick! Ick! Ick!!! But, I am exercising, and I am finishing my audiobook book. 

When you say, “I should” to yourself, you’ve already accused yourself of not doing something you feel you ought to, and you’ve just called yourself a failure. “I need” gets you a little closer to the ultimate, “I am,” and just doing it. You have to figure out the how part! Whatever it is. Or, maybe it’s the why part that you need to figure out. Why? It will make you feel incredibly, amazingly, wonderful that you did the something that you thought you should and needed to do — that’s why!


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