Day #25 of 30

You know how they say that bad news or hardships come in sets of three? Well, we had that covered through Mother’s Day weekend, that’s for certain.

Monday morning update: Thankfully, Happy did not lose any of her toe beans! I took her to the vet, not our regular one, but one in a neighboring county who was able to see her today. She had some exposed bone, so the kind animal doctor sedated her, cleaned up the wound, and gave her a few stitches. The initial bandage needs to stay in place for 24 hours, so Happy will likely come home on Wednesday. That is a relief. Poor lil toe beans.

Now, one of our elder cats is missing. Is this a bonus bad news, or are we looking at the business end of a 6-pack here? I’m typing this blog in stages throughout the day, you know during, for lack of a better description, my anticipatory anxiety — or is it PTSD from all the weekend chaos and wondering what’s going to happen next? I always tell people to not ask that question. My fight or flight mechanism seems to be on high alert. My puzzles remain safe, in their boxes. I’m not even attempting to fix those edge pieces again. I think that one is defective! I may or may not have given it the finger a bit ago.

Afternoon update: My turkey sandwich was delicious! Yeah, I seem to really like those for lunch. Also, I found the elder cat! She was just relaxing in the seat of hubby’s John Deere zero-turn mower like she’d been there all day. The fact is, she probably was and I simply didn’t see her. There’s some good news! I checked on the secluded hen, too, praying that she was still alive as I walked to the coop. She is doing great! Also good news. Breathe.

Evening update: It’s 7: 25 p.m. So far, so good. Elder cat still lounging. Secluded hen still doing well. Jerk rooster is still cock-a-doodling (totally off-key, by the way) and still strutting around. Hubby has full belly and is relaxing in his recliner. Myself, well I’m guardedly optimistic and darn near peaceful.

Later evening update: 9:40 p.m. and all is well. Good night, all. Have a restful night and a wonderful Tuesday.


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