Day #24 of 30

A Mother’s Day weekend…like no other

Friday was as per usual until that evening when my husband informed me that our rooster may be dead, or actively dying. Evidently, the jerk rooster decided he was big and bad enough to charge after my husband and get away with it. He very quickly and abruptly found out that that was not the case. I couldn’t go look, I didn’t want to see it. It was up to hubby to deal with that one. Maybe an hour later, my husband went outside to choose a burial plot for the rooster whose demise we completely expected. I could feel it in my bones — that dumbass jerk rooster is dead. Minutes later, hubby came back into the house with his head held low and I just knew what he was going to say. I took a deep breath. He paused, then spoke these words, “Well…unfortunately, he’s made a full recovery.”

Saturday was pretty productive. I did some cleaning and organizing in our utility room and garage and got rid of a lot of crap. That felt really good. Then, late in the afternoon, it was time to tend to the chickens. I collected the eggs and was filling the feeder when I heard the loudest ruckus coming from under the coop. I ran around to see what the problem was to find a defenseless hen being pecked by several of the other hens. What the…?! I rushed into the run and rescued her, then held her close while I ran to share the news with hubby. Maybe we’re going to need that burial plot after all. We put the injured hen in seclusion so we could keep an eye on her in hopes that she would heal and be reunited with her coopmates.

And, now…Mother’s Day Sunday. Another standard Sunday here. Coffee in the morning, lunch around noon, very relaxing. I worked on a puzzle for a little while, but it wasn’t going very well. I couldn’t fit all the edge pieces together and was beginning to feel frustrated when my hubby came in the house and said, “You need to go check on Happy.” Unbeknownst to hubby, Happy was up under his Jeep when he started it up to go get gas for the mower. He heard a thump, the cat went running, and he didn’t know where she was, but said he saw her limping as she ran. Now, Happy has no meower. It’s broken. The only sound she can produce is a tiny squeak that is so soft, I can only hear it if I’m very close to her. So, now we have an injured cat, to what degree we had no idea, that we couldn’t find and I certainly couldn’t hear her cries should she be crying. We both searched everywhere we could think of and could not find Happy. A couple hours later, still not having found Happy, it was time to go see hubby’s mother and give her a lovely flowering tree. Our search for Happy would have to resume later. We had a lovely visit with the best mother-in-law a girl could hope for and enjoyed some bird watching from her large kitchen window. We saw woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals, hummingbirds, gold finches, and rose-breasted grosbeaks. It was really cool and reminded me of birdwatching with my mother out her kitchen window.

Upon returning home, we resumed our search for Happy. In no time, hubby yelled, “She’s up there in the loft.” I rushed down there and climbed up the ladder to assess our poor injured kitty. I sat on the bench and pet her on the head, she purred. She tried to stand, but wouldn’t put weight on her right front leg, so I picked her up. I didn’t know what I would see as I turned her towards me. She held her leg out straight as if she were showing me her booboos. There, hanging by a thread, were two or three severed toe beans, but there was no bleeding. Happy continued to purr as I pet her and told her we’d take care of booboos.

Three days of pet catastrophes and I was frazzled. After supper, I went back to my puzzle for a little while to relax and unwind. Nope, still couldn’t get the edge pieces figured out.

So, to sum up my Mother’s Day weekend:

The dumbass jerk rooster lived.

The bullied hen is doing well.

Happy will be getting some plastic surgery on her foot at the vet’s tomorrow.

And, I threw that frustrating puzzle back in the box and put it away. It’s like the turkey sandwich all over again!


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