Day #2 of 30

It’s harder than I thought

Well, this 30-day challenge turned out to be a bit harder than I had envisioned when I laid down that gauntlet. What do you write about when you don’t know what to write about? I suppose Chuck Lorre faced this a time or two when writing his vanity cards that come up at the end of each Big Bang Theory episode (the best sitcom ever, by the way). I remember a few that were very short and one may even have said something to the tune of I got nuttin. Then I thought, if I want to be a professional writer, and I would absolutely love to write for a living, I need to be able to compose on command. Right? I mean like the editor comes to you and says, “Here’s your topic. Write!” Well, I’m used to writing when inspiration strikes. I’m basically a slave to my inspiration as it generally functions like a lightning bolt from the sky. I never know when or where it’s going to strike. Nevertheless, a promise is a promise and I shall persevere. With the Almighty as my witness, there will be 30 consecutive daily blog posts!

Therefore, my good readers — all 459,230 of you…ha ha! Okay, so, it’s more like 10-50 of you. But, hey. I dream big! My good readers, I welcome your suggestions on what to write about over the next 28 days. I’ve received one suggestion from a dear man whom I’ve had the privilege of caring for in his home while helping his dear wife. His is a suggestion that’s going to take me some thought, some serious thought, but I will post that blog with a beaming, pride-filled smile when I’ve got it composed.

Do you have any suggestions? Do you have questions or want my opinion on any topic in the world? Within reason, I will answer them. I mean, I’m not gonna answer questions about my personal (ahem) preferences or anything like that. Be cool.

I feel I’ve cheated you with this short blog. Like I was supposed to have written several paragraphs of such grandiose awesomeness that my readers (all 17 of them) would stand and applaud in unison after having read it. Alas, this shall remain a short entry — for today.

Suggestions? Questions? Anyone?


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