A-Blog-A-Day x30 Challenge

I have long felt that every tragedy, heartbreak or loss contains within itself a blessing and that “Something good will come from it.”  The old Every cloud has a silver lining thing.  I truly believe it.  Now, with this COVID-19 lockdown, quarantine, and don’t-you-dare-touch-your-face pandemic, my belief hasn’t changed.  Yes, it sucks not being able to go where we want to go — a movie, out to dinner, to our jobs, to dance class, to see other human beings in person, etc.  But, instead of viewing this as a punishment, sheer torture, or a cleverly plotted sinister plan against our country, maybe, just maybe, we can see it as a gift.  An opportunity to make new choices every day, choices that will enrich our lives.  Choices we will be proud we made when we look back on this lockdown years from now.  Just maybe.

We often say, “If I had time, I’d…” or “I don’t have time to…” Right? I think most of us have said that at least once in our lives, or perhaps even daily. If we are humbly honest with ourselves, we know that this excuse is a big fat lie. “I don’t have time to read.” Okay, but you didn’t miss a single episode of The Walking Dead? You binge-watched that “Tiger” show currently on Netflix? Did you spend hours on Facebook today or yesterday? I’m not downing people who watch a lot of TV. I’m just as guilty of indulging in that time-sucker myself. We have the time to do the things we think we should do, we simply choose to do those things that we want to do. We are, after all, merely humans.

I have been complying with the social distancing thing for a month now and I’ve realized just how much of that time I’ve wasted.  I could have sorted through the umpteen gazillion boxes I have sitting here just staring me in the face saying, “Start with me, I’m a small box!”  I could have written thousands more words in my book.  I could have posted a new blog every day, sharing something uplifting, funny or just plain silly to entertain and/or help others survive one more day of this madness.  There’s an idea!!  I could have been getting lots of dance practice or getting in shape with Zumba by watching Facebook or YouTube videos.  I didn’t do any of that.  There are countless things I could’ve done, but by my own choice, I did other things.  Time spent is gone.  We will never get it back.  

All we have is now — today — which brings me to the point of this blog post.  As of today, I am holding myself accountable for the way I choose to use this gift of time.  Therefore, starting today, I will post a daily blog for 30 days.  I’ll start with that and add other daily goals as we go along.  What will you choose to do differently with your gift of time?  I would love to hear about it.  

We are all in this together.  


One thought on “A-Blog-A-Day x30 Challenge

  1. Well, during this time of COVID-19, we see Chad at home more and working on home projects. I am still finishing up my social work hours at the center and working with Mr.John. My children have only ridden in the car twice since school has been canceled. They wake up and do their school packets, then the rest of the day, either boardgames, devices, VHS movies, digging, sitting on the porch drawing, gardening, campfire, hiking in our woods, playing in the creek, basketball. I am so thankful to have a piece of land away from society, the whole family being present, and remaining healthy.

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