And, so it begins! On my way to Lexington this morning…

We have the first rescue of the 2023 season!

Yes, I do realize that this is very likely a young snapping turtle of some sort. I realized that when I picked it up to move it and it did a complete backflip out of my hands, then proceeded to charge at me with its mouth wide open!

I tried to coax it (prod it along) to the other side of the road with my umbrella. It wasn’t having it and kept biting it. Fine! I let it bite the umbrella real good and while it dangled there like it’d won the battle (not!) I carried it to the other side of the road on my umbrella fishing pole. Turtling pole?

Anyway, just as I was about to set it down in a safe area, it released its gripping jaws and fell into a hole. Not just any hole, mind you. It had to be a hole that he would have a very hard time getting out of on his own.

So, I put my umbrella in its face one more time until it bit it hard and long enough for me to pull its grouchy ass out of said hole. That a-hole remains alive because of my good heart!

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