I have photographic proof! Well, some anyway.

Writing and publishing a book has been quite an adventure, not to mention quite the learning experience. But, I did it. I plan to share details of that journey in my book’s sequel (title pending) which I am in the process of writing (roughly 50K words pounded out on my keyboard, thus far). Throughout this process, I have had this underlying fear that my stories wouldn’t be believed. I don’t know why, but I worried that readers would think I’d made it all up, that there’s no way such things really happened, in one person’s life. Probably just my inner mean girl talking again. That b—h needs to shut up! I promise you, my book is 100% nonfiction.

My niece, Brandy, recently finished reading my book Itchy Nipples and Anxiety: My Life is a Comedy of Perils and posted a lovely review of it on Goodreads! During an online chat, Brandy said the only thing she would change about the book would be to add pictures of my adventures. I had actually considered doing that as I was writing my book, but the daunting task of sorting through my 1,000’s (nay 100’s of 1,000’s) of pictures overwhelmed me so much I let go of the idea.

It got me thinking, though — visual proof would be fun to share. I mean, I have been quite the shutter-bug since I was a little girl, when Dad handed me his old Brownie camera.

So, I decided I’d share photos via this blog! I’ll be going through my book, marking pages where a photo would be appropriate or meaningful, and I’ll hunt for said photos and post them here, on this blog post.

If you’ve read, or are in the process of reading my book, I hope these photos will enhance your experience. Thank you for reading!

Keep checking back for newly added photographs, listed by chapter (this may take a while).

Here goes…!


Newlywed parents and their Superior Coach trailer in 1949
This was taken at an Avon awards banquet in the 1960s. See the pretty woman in the flowered dress? She’s my mother.
Mom’s painting
See that space between the row of bushes and the sidewalk? There used to be another bush there. Yep, we did that.
Me at my first full-time job: Second National Bank’s proof department.
My 18th birthday.
Basic training at Fort Jackson, SC
Me and my 22-month old first-born daughter when I was in AIT (job training).
Me and my youngest while stationed at Ft Sill, OK
Dad and Apple Joe
Dad was so happy to get his little brother in the boat! My girls are swimming in the background.
Mom and Apple Joe, so very cute!
At the ole hitchin’ post with our parents
My niece, Rachael’s perfect illustration of Donuts in a Blizzard!
Communing with Ducks
What the cluck was her problem?!
Parents’ 1949 cape cod
Tilly’s born-during-our-camping-trip kittens
Me and Mom at the Grand Canyon
Grandma, just as I remember her
Grandma in the chair she spun around in and beside the hutch where she kept Tootsie Pops.
I have both pieces in my home now.


Dad’s “banana” cake
Dad resting on Mom’s granite bench after visiting her grave
After my first Arthur Murray dance lesson with the awesomely fabulous Duncan!
Mom’s collection of “horns” for us to find and find again

CHAPTER 6 (No photos)

CHAPTER 7 (No photos)


My rendition of our high school
The painting that the art teacher had me tweak
This piece was my mother’s favorite of all my drawings

CHAPTER 9 (No photos)


First trip to NYC 2012

We made headlines!
Well, I had to…

Second trip to NYC 2018

The stuck bus (New Jersey)
When you get on the wrong subway train and can no longer see NYC!

Europe Trip 2019

Delta’s tasty dinner
The patchwork fields as we’re landing in Munich
“Nick” the cab driver who insisted he buy us “a cream.”
The hair-flipping French man
Photo-bombed in a Munich cuckoo clock/gift shop! LOL!
Aldi store (Austria)
Across from Aldi
Purchasing my “TC” relief at the Green Cross (my souvenir from Innsbruck Austria)
The fancy bathroom in Jeselo Italy with the “bah day.”
Our ever-elusive freedom as seen through the tiny palace window (Venice)
The crowded footbridge, Venice
The handsome one man show in Switzerland who gave Amber his “favorite” corkscrew
The 5-story house near our hotel
Aren’t these the guys from the Titanic movie?!
I real live mountain goat (taken during the tram ride up the Alps)
Our fabulous view of the Swiss Alps–complete whiteout! It was still amazing to be there.
The tram ride back down. The rain had finally stopped.
Heidelberg Germany with my first ever warm beer
Twinkle lights!
Our “Kosher French meal” wherein the meat was tuna
Well, at least it’s closer than “Barbara Newkle” (somewhere in Europe)
Our bus driver throughout Europe, “Mountain Bob”
Our speed-walking tour guide “Sven” (my Austrian son). His real name is Andy and he is the best!

…to be continued as I find more!


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