Farewell, my friend…

I had to bid farewell to a very good friend today. A devoted friend who has been there for me every day, for many years. A faithful friend who offered me warmth and courage when I needed it the most. A friend who perked me up and made me happy when I was tired or feeling blue.

It was apparently a massive aneurysm that caused my friend’s demise. It wasn’t sudden, however. I noticed that my friend had been perking my coffee a little bit more slowly each day. I tried resuscitation by giving my friend a vinegar colonic, hoping it was merely clogged with hard water deposits. Alas, it didn’t help. I had to face facts and accept that the end was imminent.

This morning, my friend was spitting and sputtering loudly and very little water made it through the coffee grounds. I poured two cups of water into the reservoir, but only one cup became coffee, which took several minutes. My dear friend, while fighting hard to be there for me, and make that one last cup of coffee with great heroism, spewed so much water and steam that the bottom of the cabinet was dripping. Yes. My Mr. coffee 5-cup coffee maker has crossed the caffeinated coffee filter bridge. I will always remember you, my dear friend. Tomorrow morning, when I use my new 5-cup Mr. Coffee mini for the first time, I will raise that mug toward heaven and say, “This cup’s for you, my friend. This cup’s for you.”


5 thoughts on “Farewell, my friend…

  1. Too funny…you nearly had me shedding a tear over your mechanical friend. Since my sentiment for coffee is just as strong as yours and my personal sense of loss so true too…the value resonates. I percolated in a teeny tiny little espresso pot on the stove top for a bit. The coffee adventure was legit, my taste buds got a bit overwhelmed. Im thankful to again have a coffee maker back on the counter in its prized position. Perk power to you!!


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