Day #30 of my 30-day challenge!

Wow! It feels incredible to have met this challenge! In reaching my goal, I have also proven to myself that I can write every day. So, I may as well keep going, right?

Today was a gorgeous day in the bluegrass state. It was sunny and in the mid 80’s until this afternoon. Hubby and I managed to get our garden planted less than 10 minutes before a heavy rain shower unleashed its ginormous droplets. It was perfect timing and will surely jumpstart those seedlings.

Early this evening, a thunderstorm tried to visit us, but couldn’t quite make it to downpour status before it traveled away from us and the sunshine reappeared. However, it did leave us with a lovely double rainbow which I snapped a photograph of just as a hummingbird flew into the frame.

We had a lovely Saturday. I hope yours was, too.


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