Day #22 of 30


During this COVID lockdown, shutdown, quarantine, or whatever you want to call it, I have discovered that I thoroughly enjoy putting jigsaw puzzles together. Up until about a month ago, I hadn’t done a puzzle since I was a kid (when I thought they were boring). These days, however, working a puzzle is very relaxing to me, I get lost in them and lose track of time. It’s like a mini vacation. From myself. Sometimes that’s necessary. I mean, have you read about my onion bludgeoning?

My most recent mini vacation lasted from about 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. this evening when I suddenly realized I hadn’t posted my blog for the day. Oh, crap! What am I going to write about? I’ve done so well with my self-imposed 30-day challenge. I can’t stop now! I sat in the living room contemplating what I could possibly write about as my anxiety revved up. Hmm. I was blog-blocked. I had nothing. Think think think!

I watched a few minutes of television, hoping something would inspire me to write. Then, my thoughts drifted back to puzzles and it hit me. I work puzzles the same way I write my blogs. When I do a puzzle, of course, I look for the edge pieces first. You’ve got to have your frame, for goodness sake. Then, I go about sorting the pieces into sections of looks like it goes here. Next step is putting it all together so it completes the picture.

When I write a blog post, the edge pieces are my main idea or story. Then, I’ll have a sentence or an sub-idea and jot it down/type it, to be expanded upon or moved to its most appropriate place later. Next step is putting it all together so it reads easily, makes sense and is hopefully entertaining.

Anyway, I thought that was pretty cool and wanted to share it with you all. Eight more days until Day #30!! What will my edge pieces be for tomorrow’s blog? I have no idea. Yet.


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