Day #19 of 30

How a person with A.D.D. reads a book in ten easy steps:

1. Select a book. It can be paper or Kindle, matters not.

2. Find a comfortable, cozy place to sit down and read the book.

3. Read a chapter or two, then have the overwhelming feeling that you’re missing something exciting somewhere else near you. Yes, you’re definitely missing something during this reading time.

4. Put book down and go investigate what you’re sure you are missing.

5. Find that it’s nothing.

6. Get distracted by any other thing on the way back to the comfortable seat and your book. 

7. Hours, days, weeks, maybe even months go by and you still have not returned to your book.

8. Realize that you really do have the desire to finish the book you’d started. But, your comfortable seat is like the repelling pole of a magnet, preventing you from relaxing enough to sit still and focus.

9. Order the book on Audible so the author can read it to you through your Bluetooth earbuds while you do all the other things that distract you from sitting down to read an actual paper/Kindle book.

10. Actually finish a book, audibly. Happy girl!


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