Day #16 of 30

I’m a late bloomer

No, I’m not talking about the development of secondary sex characteristics, I was on time for that. I’m talking about current trends, popular movies, and the latest music, etc. For instance, ABBA was a huge sensation when I was in high school, yet I wasn’t thrilled with their music at the time. Sure, I sang along when I knew the lyrics, but I’d do that with any song on the radio. Currently, I find myself in love with their music and the meaningful lyrics to each song. However, it could be connected to me attending two community theater productions of Mamma Mia last fall.

Y’all may want to sit down for this one: I have not see the original Star Wars movie, or any of the sequels. Are you okay? Breathe!! Should I call 9-1-1? The movie premiered when I was in high school and I went on a drive-in movie date to see it. My boyfriend and I were lying on our stomachs with hatchback open, our heads supported by our arms and our eyes glued to the big screen. We were ready to be completely mezmerized by this motion picture. Less than thirty minutes into it, I was completely bored, rolled over onto my back and proceeded to watch the real stars up in the sky until the movie was over. I’m pretty sure he forgot I was even in the car with him, he realllly liked the movie.

When Titanic was the motion picture of the moment, I didn’t go to the theater to see it. I didn’t watch it until a few years later on a VCR in the comfort of my living room. I knew one of the main characters died and I wouldn’t watch it until someone told me which one. I don’t normally want to hear any spoilers, that time was different.

I haven’t watched a single episode of Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, or any crime drama series on primetime TV or Netflix. Pretty sure that’s not going to change. No offense to anyone.

I guess it’s that I’m not immediately interested in the next big thing or the most popular shows or movies. I march to my own drum in state of sweet oblivion to the current trends, and may or may not catch up later. Can you visiualize a comic strip of me doing that? I can. Ha ha. I suppose that’s why the peer pressure in high school wasn’t that effective on me. If I didn’t want to “C’mon, just try it, you might like it,” I simply wasn’t going to do it. Maybe it’s that I am a rebel–that is, according to an online personality quiz I took recently. Or, maybe it’s procrastination, you know, the I’ll get around to that sometime and my sometimes take a long while.

This is just me pondering on a Saturday morning, enjoying my daily cup of the juice of life, while swaying and singing along with ABBA on Apple Music.

I believe in angels, something good in everything I see…”


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