Day #9 of 30

High hopes for a productive day

When I woke up this morning, I had such high hopes for a wonderfully productive day. As per usual, I started by brewing my one cup of coffee, placing it in the mug warmer on my desk and then I commenced to checking in with my Facebook friends. All pretty standard stuff when I don’t have to get up at 5:30 a.m. to go to work. Nice, peaceful morning. Ahh.

Before long, it was lunchtime and I made myself a keto pizza. It was delicious, but I only ate half of it. Then, I decided to go out into the big garage, where hubby was framing in his garage so it can be insulated and drywalled, to see if there was anything I could do to help him. There not being much I could do to help him in that department, he suggested that I start clearing out the storage space above his man cave. I decided to have a look since I hadn’t been up there yet this year. I climbed the steps to the storage area–the steps which have no railing for me grasp onto–and proceeded to grab every board along my path so I could go evaluate the job that lay ahead of me. And, what a ginormous job it would be to clear out the space. Wow! Our crap had literally multiplied when we weren’t looking. Where would I even throw the stuff that will be discarded? Should I throw it down below onto my hubby’s current workspace? I think not. There’s no empty space for anything up here, much less another pile. Heavy sigh. Feeling overwhelmed and totally defeated, I go back down the steps with no railing, again clinging onto anything I could along my path, and leave the garage.

Back into the house I go. I know, I’ll make our favorite desserts, I thought! We have two desserts which I make regularly– keto chocolate brownies and keto chocolate cheesecake, but now we have a newly added favorite–chocolate ice cream, also keto. All three of these desserts require baker’s chocolate which is very difficult for me to break into small pieces with my hands. A couple of months ago, I came up with a wonderful idea. Eureka!! I can use my marble rolling pin to help me break apart the chocolate. I laid the unopened box of baker’s chocolate along the crack between our stove and countertop. The stove is a bit taller than the counter, so it provides a perfect slope to the box of chocolate. Then I proceeded to whack it with the rolling pin in strategic places until the chocolate was in pieces. This method has worked absolutely fabulously every time and this time was no different. Then, I placed the rolling pin back on its designated hooks behind our stove.

Before long, the ice cream is in the freezer, to start its freezing process. The brownies are in the oven, doing their baking and now it’s time for the cheesecake. This dessert calls for two boxes of baker’s chocolate. I whack and whack that first box of chocolate into crumbles, set it aside and start with the second one–the last box of chocolate that I have to whack today–then, BAM!!!! I miss the chocolate and hit my thumb instead, successfully flattening it between the rolling pin and our stove! While screaming obscenities in my head and in near tears from the pain, yet not willing to let the sumbitchin rolling pin defeat me, I finished whacking the chocolate into pieces before I slammed that rolling pin into its designated hooks behind our stove, secretly hoping it would be impaled, and assessed my injury.

My poor thumb has a nice, purple bruise on it. It may be broken, but I think it’s only deeply bruised and equally humiliated. It’s a bit swollen and bending it is not an option at this point in time. It hurts to hold a plate, or my phone, and LORDY LORDY, I’ve got to pull up my panties one-handedly when I go to the bathroom. But, by golly, those desserts are all done and that there is proof that I really was wonderfully albeit painfully productive today!


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