Even funny people have their struggles

Sometimes in life, our burdens, worries, past regrets and mistakes, secrets we’ve kept, the peace that we’ve strived to maintain, can join together into a massive boil that must eventually burst open like an explosive, volcano erupting — regardless of how hard you’ve tried to avoid it, block it, or totally deny its existence. The truth pours forth with such force that it can no longer be avoided. It says, “Here I am. Now, deal with me.” It can catch you off guard, rearing its ugly head right in your face at an inopportune time. Or, you can search it out and face it in your own time. But, eventually — it’s going to happen. Let it. It’s messy. It’s unpleasant. It hurts. It’s nasty and it just plain sucks!! But, once the purging occurs and you accept the truth and finally let it go, there is a sense of peace. An inner peace that is just as powerful as the necessary eruption that preceded it.

The phrase, “What you resist persists,” is 100% accurate. 

This post is not an attempt for sympathy. I have no need for it. If one person reads this and sees themself in my words, I encourage you to face your own volcano so your inner peace may take its place. 

My heart is full. 


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