A day in my life = birth of a new word

I sat down at my computer late yesterday afternoon.  I suppose it was around 4:30.  As I kept writing and tweaking my blog post, I realized that it was getting pretty dark outside. “Wow, I’ve been writing for a long time,” I thought.  My fingers continue clicking on the keyboard.  “Hmm.  This is pretty cool, actually, being so lost in my writing.”  Click click click, enter.  “La la la...” then, BAM!!  Oh my gosh!  I totally forgot to take care of our chickens today!!  This was new.  Not once had I forgotten to take them their daily treat, usually a scoop of dry cat food, and collect the 12-20 eggs they’d produced.  Not once!  I’d been so hyper-focused on my writing, it almost startled me when I snapped out of it.  I sometimes envied the people who could maintain their mental focus for long periods of time like that.  With a touch of A.D.D., I tend to get — “Oh, look!  Squirrel!

Don’t worry, the chickens are fine.  I’d given them plenty of food and water the day before, plus I’ll be checking on them much earlier today than I would normally.

Once I’d completed my blog entry, I walked into the living room to watch a little TV and relax for the remainder of the evening.  I glanced at the clock on the living room wall.  It was 8:30 p.m.??!!!  I exclaimed, “OH MY GOSH!!  NO!!”  This is just great!  Not only did I forget about our chickens, I’d also forgotten to go to my Tuesday night salsa class being taught at our local gym, which started only two hours ago!  What?!  I was disgusted with myself.   Then, I was amused by the fact that I possessed the ability to zone out and be so completely engrossed in what I was doing.  I sat down in my chair, staring into space.  I was in a slight state of shock, of disbelief.  How the heck could I have been so oblivious to what time it was that I missed these two activities which are both pretty important to me?  Then, I felt all three emotions swirling around at the same time.  These three different feelings inspired me to create a new word that would describe the trio occurring simultaneously.   Welcome the birth of “bef**kled.”  (The asterics represent a bad word which I cannot bring myself to type in this blog post, but it’ll be in my book.   I’m sure you know the word to which I am referring.)

Bef**kled:  When you are disgusted, amused and in disbelief at the same time.  Created by Vonda Newsome on March 12, 2019.

Bright side — After reading my blogs for the first time, my husband told me, “You are a very good writer, by the way.”  Totally melted me.

The moral of my story — I will be using Siri reminders from now on!  (Still shaking my head…)



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